01 Aug

Water Science Projects For Kids

Now is a perfect time to capitalize on the nice weather and do a few water science projects with your kids. They’re probably outside anyway, right? Now’s the time! Here are a few ideas for you to teach your kids about the science of water with these tips, tricks, and ideas for experiments. Bonus? They stay busy. Double bonus? They learn stuff. 

Water Science Projects: The Basics

The good news about projects like these is that you probably have everything you need on hand. Water, a hose, interesting toys of varying weights, and a few kitchen items such as cups, bowls, sponges, pepper, and soap. Ready?

Chemistry.About.com – A great site that will send you down an internet worm hole if you aren’t careful. One project per page, with clickable links to find correlating projects and more information. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Pepper Project – Help your kids learn about surface tension. What happens when you add a drop of soap into the bowl with water and pepper?
  • Anti-gravity Water – Another surface tension project, wow your kids with water that defies gravity.


ScienceKids – Wonderful kid-oriented site with experiments broken down into easy-to-follow instructions. Fun experiments like “Escaping Water” and “Ice Cube Magic” will keep your young ones engaged. Bonus? If you need a break, this site also has engaging online games and quizzes. 

DIYnCrafts.com – Teach your kids how to re-grow food from scraps with this instructional site. It will walk you through regrowing some of the foods you and your family eat regularly such as lettuce, onions, and even pineapple! This one takes some patience for the plants to regrow, but it’s worth the wait. Within a few days you’ll see a change.

Creative Connections For Kids  This is a perfect one to do outside. This site guides you through the experiments with a pictorial, so it’s easy to follow. 

Field trip! If you REALLY want to bust out of the house and go someplace new to learn about water, we recommend the Water Resources Education Center in Vancouver. They’re even open from noon to 5 pm on Saturdays.

Summer is flying by, so now’s the time to take advantage of some fun outdoor OR indoor water science projects before the school bell rings again. Enjoy!

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