You can buy a fancy kitchen faucet. You can certainly buy a more expensive faucet. But, you cannot buy a better faucet than Wolverine kitchen faucets. That has been our opinion for over a dozen years, and not just our opinion. Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine, the well-respected plumbing industry trade journal, rates Wolverine as the most reliable faucet made anywhere. If the nearly indestructible residential models are not tough enough for your household, try one of the even more durable and more reliable commercial lines.

Wolverine Kitchen Faucets

Founded in 1896, Wolverine Brass, Inc. is, like Symmons Industries, a great American faucet company that you have never heard of. It does not advertise to consumers. It never has, and probably never will.  Wolverine has a very different business model. It sells exclusively through licensed plumbers. If you want a Wolverine faucet, or even a part for a Wolverine faucet, contact your local plumber. He or she is the authorized Wolverine dealer. Even our company, a general contractor, cannot buy a Wolverine faucet except through our licensed master plumbers — something that amuses them to no end.

Wolverine says that because it pays a lot of attention to what plumbers say they need, the company makes products that “make sense.” And, because it makes only very high quality products, it enjoys tremendous customer loyalty. Ask a Wolverine customer if they would ever use anything else, and you will always get the same answer: “No!” OK, a maybe a little exaggeration here, but it actually is a very good faucet. Wolverines are very long on quality and reliability, and are backed by a 100 year warranty*.

Wolverine engineered and was the first U.S. faucet company to patent a ceramic disk valve in 1972, and has been perfecting it ever since. It is one of the few faucet manufacturers to make its own ceramic valves. The company uses just two cartridge styles, one for single handle faucets and one for double handle faucets. Every Wolverine faucet made uses one or the other of these two cartridges. This keeps parts inventory to a minimum. Every faucet part is brass and/or stainless steel. Wolverine guarantees all of its finishes, except the usually fragile oil rubbed bronze, to be free of defects for 100 years. It guarantees its faucets to be leak free for the same century.

We stand by the Wolverine faucets that we install. We want to make sure you get the best that we can offer. Wolverine kitchen faucets fit the bill.

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