14 May

Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Spring and Summer

Most of us only give our plumbing pipes a second thought when something has gone horribly wrong with them. (See also: frozen pipes post) However, spring and summer are the perfect time to perform a little plumbing maintenance when the weather is warm and your plumbing use is different than in the winter months.

Spring and Summer Plumbing Maintenance

Give your hard working plumbing a little love this summer to help keep it all in top shape throughout the season. Take a look around your house and give your plumbin’ some summer lovin’.

Washing Machine Hoses

Do you know when you last even LOOKED at your washing machine hoses? They are definitely an out-of-sight-out-of-mind plumbing maintenance item, but potentially devastating if they burst. (think: flooded laundry room.)  At Casey’s Plumbing we recommend replacing your hoses every five years MAX. If your hoses look like this:

plumbing maintenance plumbing maintenance

We urge you to replace them. We recommend braided stainless steel hoses. Rubber hoses are more vulnerable to cracking and bursting. Take a look and see what’s lurking behind your washing machine to keep them running smoothly year round.

Dishwasher and Disposal Maintenance

‘Tis the season for summer’s produce bounty! From barbecues to U-pick fruit, it’s more tempting than ever to toss all of the extras down your disposal. Bones from your barbecue, pits from your cherries and peaches, and grease from your cooked meats all can spell doom for a disposal. Keep it humming with these tips:

  • Don’t overstuff. Putting too much in at once can damage the disposal’s blades and back things up/
  • Avoid pouring grease or fat in the disposal. Once it cools and hardens, you increase your chances of a blade-damaging clog.
  • NO BONES ABOUT IT: Bones in your disposal = broken disposal.
  • Fruit pits, celery, seeds, egg shells, coffee grounds and pasta can gum up the disposal

Did you know you can sharpen your disposal’s blades with ICE? Throw a few ice cubes down the drain and let your disposal go to work. If you think you have a gunky backup down the drain, combine ice with rock salt or household vinegar and run cold water for five to ten seconds. 

Don’t forget your dishwasher connections! Make sure they are tight and leak-free. A flooded kitchen is something you obviously want to avoid, too!

Water Heater Maintenance

If you are leaving town on vacation, DON’T PAY TO HEAT WATER YOU’RE NOT USING! Turn it down when you go away for more than a few days. Save energy, save your wallet. 

Now is also a good time to take a look at the age of your water heater. If you inherited the water heater when you purchased your home, or if you aren’t sure how old it is, take a look at our post, “How Old Is Your Water Heater, Anyway?” We give you a guided tour through the label on your water heater to help you determine just how old your water heater may be.

If you find that it’s time to replace it, we’re here for you! Casey’s Plumbing proudly installs Bradford White water heaters, and our warranty is the best in town. 

Enjoy summer! A little bit of time on the weekend for some plumbing maintenance will go a long way toward keeping you worry-free year-round!

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