13 Jan

Plumbing Emergency! What To Do

What You Need And What You Need To Know

It can happen any time: a plumbing emergency. From your faucet leaking, your pipes bursting, or an overflowing toilet, your house can surprise you, often when you least expect it. By all means, have our phone number handy, (503-620-9111) because we’re here to help you 24/7, but here are a few things to arm yourself with to minimize the possible damage to your home and property.

What You Need For A Plumbing Emergency:

  1. A Five Gallon Bucket – A nice-sized bucket, available at home stores everywhere, can serve two purposes: catching big drips and water leaks, and it can be a central organizer for all your plumbing tools. It’s a great place to keep your plunger, wrenches, towels, leak seal, and even protective eye wear. Keep it in an easily accessible place and you can grab it when you need it.
  2. A Plunger – A home basic. Nothing techie or special here, just a regular plunger.
  3. Duct Tape and Leak Sealing Tape – Both can serve as a bandaid on a leaky pipe until we can get there to help you.
  4. A Set of Wrenches – There is a technique called “backing off” that wrenches are essential for. “Backing off” is using two wrenches at once in opposite directions. It serves the purpose of allowing the wrench to absorb the stress instead of the pipe. A pipe wrench such as this one is easily obtained at Home Depot.
  5. Shop Towels and/or Heavy Duty Paper Towels – These are available everywhere, too. An alternative would be a set of old-fashioned cloth diapers. They are meant to be extra absorbent, and can help soak up water that has leaked all over. Save your good bath towels for the bath!

What You Need To Know For A Plumbing Emergency:

  1. Where your main water shut-off is located.
  2. How to turn off your water heater.
  3. How to turn off your toilet’s water line – and teach your children!
  4. How to turn off your washing machine’s water supply, and the machine’s circuit breaker on your electrical panel
  5. Where your kitchen faucet shut off is located. 


These are the most common tools needed and the most common areas where your plumbing emergency would likely happen. 

Remember, we are available to take your calls 24/7. If you have questions, or need help locating anything you believe is causing your plumbing emergency, we are happy to walk you through getting your immediate need taken care of. We want to be the company you think of first when you think of when you have plumbing needs.


plumbing emergency

Be prepared for a plumbing emergency!

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