30 Jun

DIY Bathtub and Toilet Clog Tip

For tougher stoppages, you’ll need a small snake. You’ll have to remove the overflow cover (usually two screws), and pull out the bucket assembly to make room for the snake cable.  But for the majority of clogs – especially in the tub, the Zip Stick is all you need. One tool every home owner should have in their home maintenance bag is the trusted “Zip Stick”. These can be purchased at most hardware or big box stores . (WARNING: the image to the right may make you want to heave.) As shown above, the clog is most often just a short distance down the line. zipstick-prizeHair is most often the source of tub, shower and lavatory clog.  Bathtub clogs can be as simple as retrieving a hair ball under the stopper, or running a snake down through the overflow inlet of the tub. In the picture to the right, someone has introduced a “ZipStick” in to the the tub’s drain. Often, this will be the first place build up takes place creating a stoppage.

Once the line is cleared, it’s a good idea to do a long flush with very hot water.