Our Diamond Club Plus members enjoy a number of benefits, including 20% off any work performed*.

They also receive special treatment when calling in for a service call; they go to the front of the line regardless of how many non-Diamond Club Plus customers were on the board.

A Diamond Club Plus member will receive a FREE annual plumbing and electrical evaluation to ensure your system is safe and operating smoothly.

And finally, it’s FREE! The $14.95 monthly dues accumulate in an account to be used for future work. So let’s say that you’ve been a member for 10 months and now need some plumbing or electrical work done. You will now have accumulated around $150.00 that can go towards that work. So there you have it; it really is FREE.

Because we couldn’t possibly accommodate all of our clients, we limit the membership to 22% of our customer base. So if you are interested in becoming a member, do so today.

Just call 503-620-9111 and tell them you want special treatment too, and are ready to sign up for the Diamond Club Plus.

*Does not apply to larger bid type work.

Download the PDF forms here:

diamondclub-pg1-20130313 diamondclub-pg2-form-20130313