10 Apr

6 Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is coming! Is your plumbing ready? Here are 6 tips for keeping your plumbing in tip top shape this summer: Playing outside means more dirt, and more dirty clothes. Make sure you check your washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks, and cracks. Also be sure to clean out your dryer lint regularly.

15 Sep

How To Inspect Your Water Heater

Do you know how to inspect your water heater? Inspecting your water heater regularly is a very important, but often over-looked home maintenance step. Water heaters typically last for 8-13 years, and if your water heater is over 10 years old, inspecting it at least annually is very important.  How To Inspect Your Water Heater Before You Start Have a bucket, hose, gloves, goggles, and protective clothing ready. Protect ...

06 Aug

Gas Water Heaters: Most common problems explained to regular people.

  • Brenda Casey
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Gas water heaters are the most common type found in this area. The image above is a blow-up (no pun intended) of a typical gas water heater. Both gas and electric water heaters will have a cold water inlet on one side and the hot water outlet on the other side. Every homeowner should familiarize themselves with the water and gas ...

04 May

Summertime Plumbing Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

It is HOT outside! You know what that means.. it’s summertime! Since it's so hot people everywhere are using more water than they usually do the rest of the year, particularly in swimming pools, watering lawns, and staying hydrated. In fact, water usage in the summer can go up two to four times during the summer months. Now, with all of the extra strain on our plumbing systems, it’s no surprise that we encounter ...

05 Jan

New Year, New Water Heater Standards For 2015

Efficiency times, they are a changin.' What do you need to know about the coming April 2015 water heater standards? We'll break it down for you: New Water Heater Standards: The Good The new standards will definitely put some money back in your pocket. Water heaters are the second largest consumer of energy in your home, so kicking up the efficiency will certainly save you money over the life of the water heater. That's good. ...

15 May

Water Heater Smells And How To Fix Them

If your hot water is giving off a sulfur, rotten egg smell, guess what? You have a problem. Water heater smells can be a sign that your anode tube needs some attention. What's an anode tube? Read on. Water Heater Smells Culprit Number One: Anaerobic Bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria, in a nutshell, is bacteria that can live without oxygen. Medically speaking, in humans anaerobic bacteria plays a role in the gastrointestinal tract, and is associated ...

04 Apr

Water Heater Sizing Explained In A Way That Makes Sense

  • Karen Mares
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The time has come to start shopping for a new water heater. At Casey's, we proudly recommend and install American-made Bradford White Water Heaters. We believe they are the best in the business. But, as you go about choosing your new water heater, what capacity do you need? Water heater sizing is one of our most frequently asked questions when our plumbers consult with customers. At Casey's, ...

24 Mar

Water Heater Safety Tips: Prevent Fires, Burns and Explosions

Fires caused by water heaters seem to make the news regularly. We hear stories about water heaters causing devastating fires and injury, not to mention loss of belongings and even entire homes. We tend to take our water heaters for granted; if you are getting hot water when you need it, then water heater safety is essentially out of sight-out of mind. However, taking the time to regularly 

03 Dec

Water Heater Servicing

  • Brenda Casey
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Our warranties and service! The average life of a water heater ranges between 8 to 13 years. If your water heater is newer than this, Casey's Plumbing can probably service it. (Note: our water heater servicing DOES NOT include tankless water heaters). Older water heaters should be replaced as it’s usually not cost efficient to service them. Why use Casey’s Plumbing for your new water heater? Simple - We are the best! We don’t just ...