01 Nov

Spooky Plumbing Leak Facts – Stop the Phantom flush!

   Running toilets, sometimes referred to as a toilet with a  "phantom flush", are often simple to repair. As shown above, there is a flapper that sits on the flush valve. This flapper, when activated or flushed, allows the water in the tank to displace the water in the bowl, thus "flushing the toilet".    Eventually these flappers will wear out, ...

10 Oct

Company Is Coming. How’s Your Plumbing?

Can Your Plumbing Handle A Holiday? You probably don't give your plumbing much thought when you're getting ready to host an event. You may clean and organize your house top to bottom, but I bet you just assume your plumbing is going to come through for you when you need it. Except when it doesn't. Unfortunately, sometimes your plumbing breaks down at the worst possible times. For example, when twenty people are coming over to ...

04 May

Summertime Plumbing Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

It is HOT outside! You know what that means.. it’s summertime! Since it's so hot people everywhere are using more water than they usually do the rest of the year, particularly in swimming pools, watering lawns, and staying hydrated. In fact, water usage in the summer can go up two to four times during the summer months. Now, with all of the extra strain on our plumbing systems, it’s no surprise that we encounter ...

15 Apr

How To Protect Your Drains During The Easter Holiday

Because Easter is yet another holiday that focuses on eating and visiting friends and family, there are steps you can take to minimize the chance of a clogged drain adding an additional problem and the need to call a plumber.. to an already busy day. Some steps you should perform before guests arrive and the holiday commences, while other actions must be performed with vigilance while the celebration is taking place. Preparing your ...

30 Jun

DIY Bathtub and Toilet Clog Tip

For tougher stoppages, you'll need a small snake. You'll have to remove the overflow cover (usually two screws), and pull out the bucket assembly to make room for the snake cable.  But for the majority of clogs - especially in the tub, the Zip Stick is all you need. One tool every home owner should have in their home maintenance bag is the trusted "Zip Stick". These can be purchased at ...

12 Feb

Phantom Flush: Does Your Toilet Have A Ghost?

  • Karen Mares
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Your toilet is haunted.  Have you ever awoke in the evening to what sounded like one of your toilets flushing? If you have, you may have noticed an unexpected spike in your water bill, too. There can be a few reasons why your toilet is haunting you.    Phantom Flush: The Flapper The most common culprit to this "phantom flush," is the ...

03 Dec

How Your Toilet Works: A Tour Of Your Toilet

  • Karen Mares
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Sometimes, your plumbing appliances are a total mystery. How DOES your toilet work? What parts are there and why are they needed? At Casey's, we want to take the mystery out of your plumbing and shine a little light on how they work, so that you can be prepared and educated about what you need. So, without further ado, we present: How Your Toilet Works