08 Jun

Summertime Plumbing Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

It is HOT outside! You know what that means.. it’s summertime! Since it's so hot people everywhere are using more water than they usually do the rest of the year, particularly in swimming pools, watering lawns, and staying hydrated. In fact, water usage in the summer can go up two to four times during the summer months. Now, with all of the extra strain on our plumbing systems, it’s no surprise that we encounter ...

11 May

6 Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is coming! Is your plumbing ready? Here are 6 tips for keeping your plumbing in tip top shape this summer: Playing outside means more dirt, and more dirty clothes. Make sure you check your washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks, and cracks. Also be sure to clean out your dryer lint regularly. Finally keep in mind ...

12 Apr

Spring Plumbing Tips: 15 Simple Plumbing Tips to Help You Save Money

Spring Plumbing Tips We found this awesome article on JustCallHeritage.Com.. Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to do some “Spring Cleaning” for your home’s pipe and drainage systems. Here are 15 quick and simple Spring Plumbing Tips to protect your home against plumbing problems: Check faucets for drips or leaks. Make repairs to save water. Check toilets for hidden leaks. Add six drops of food coloring to the toilet tank. If the toilet ...

08 Mar

How To Protect Your Drains During The Easter Holiday

Because Easter is yet another holiday that focuses on eating and visiting friends and family, there are steps you can take to minimize the chance of a clogged drain adding an additional problem and the need to call a plumber.. to an already busy day. Some steps you should perform before guests arrive and the holiday commences, while other actions must be performed with vigilance while the celebration is taking place. Preparing your ...

16 Oct

Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home With These Tips

  • Karen Mares
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It's rainy season around here, and that means wet. Everywhere, and on everything. One of the drawbacks of our temperate but moist climate is mold growth. Mold loves it around here. If you have any leaks, cracks, or plumbing troubles you have yet to find, mold growth could be your first clue that something is "off." The situation may arise, also, where you've had a

02 Apr

Tips For Hiring Contractors

  • Karen Mares
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Hiring contractors for your home remodels and repairs can be overwhelming. At Casey's, we want you to find the best contractor for whatever job you need done. We believe that knowledge is power. Here are some things to consider when hiring contractors: Tips For Hiring Contractors Check with the CCB (verify contractor's license) before asking for bids or entering into any agreements with ...

24 Mar

Water Heater Safety Tips: Prevent Fires, Burns and Explosions

Fires caused by water heaters seem to make the news regularly. We hear stories about water heaters causing devastating fires and injury, not to mention loss of belongings and even entire homes. We tend to take our water heaters for granted; if you are getting hot water when you need it, then water heater safety is essentially out of sight-out of mind. However, taking the time to regularly 

27 Dec

Rusty Pipes Threaten Our Drinking Water

Do you have rusty pipes? "If you clean up water and then put it into a dirty pipe, there's not much point. I consider the distribution system to be the highest risk and the greatest problem we are going to be facing in the future." ~Timothy Ford, a microbiologist and water research scientist with Montana State University.   Towns and cities across the United States spend more than $50 billion each year cleaning ...

10 Dec

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing And What To Do If Disaster Strikes

  • Karen Mares
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How do you keep your pipes from freezing? There's always a possibility of  frozen pipes when temperatures skid to the 32 degrees-and-below mark. Here are a few tips on how to keep your pipes from freezing, and what to do if disaster strikes: Keep Your Pipes From Freezing: Let your faucets drip overnight, particularly uninsulated pipes located on an exterior wall. Lukewarm water is your best bet. Keep cabinet doors to those areas ...