14 May

Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Spring and Summer

Most of us only give our plumbing pipes a second thought when something has gone horribly wrong with them. (See also: frozen pipes post) However, spring and summer are the perfect time to perform a little plumbing maintenance when the weather is warm and your plumbing use is different than in the winter months. Spring and Summer Plumbing Maintenance Give your hard working plumbing a little love this ...

10 Apr

6 Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is coming! Is your plumbing ready? Here are 6 tips for keeping your plumbing in tip top shape this summer: Playing outside means more dirt, and more dirty clothes. Make sure you check your washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks, and cracks. Also be sure to clean out your dryer lint regularly.

17 Mar

Spring Plumbing Tips: 15 Simple Plumbing Tips to Help You Save Money

Spring Plumbing Tips We found this awesome article on JustCallHeritage.Com.. Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to do some “Spring Cleaning” for your home’s pipe and drainage systems. Here are 15 quick and simple Spring Plumbing Tips to protect your home against plumbing problems: Check faucets for drips or leaks. Make repairs to save water. Check toilets for hidden leaks. Add six drops of food coloring to the toilet tank. If ...

06 Feb

How To Replace Faucet Aerators

  • Karen Mares
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Ready for some DIY plumbing this weekend? Faucet aerators are small appliances installed on the end of faucets. They help with the efficiency of your faucet by introducing air flow into the water stream. Adding or replacing a faucet aerator is a small, inexpensive way to reduce water use and save money on your water and heating bills.  Parts of Faucet Aerators There are several parts to an aerator that all work ...

12 Jan

How To Drain Your Water Heater

Did you know you should drain your water heater occasionally? It's an often overlooked home maintenance step, but one that can save you costly repairs. How To: Drain Your Water Heater Over time, sediment collects in the bottom of your water heater. Here are the steps to drain it and help keep it in perfect working order for as long as possible:

03 Jan

Unjam A Garbage Disposal

How To: Unjam A Garbage Disposal You can unjam a garbage disposal yourself, without a master plumbing certification. Jammed garbage disposals can be quite a nuisance especially when they clog up your kitchen sink. The good news is that it is often a simple task to unjam the disposal.   As you can see from the image, a disposal will jam, ...

10 Dec

Time to winterize your plumbing, Portland, Oregon

It's time to winterize your plumbing! Be ready for the cold that's coming and prevent water disasters, such as flooded basements from burst pipes, It's Time To Winterize Your Plumbing, Portland! Many of the water disasters that were the result of a freeze, could have been avoided with some basic winter maintenance. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is to either put it off too long or perform the task incorrectly. Standard ...

03 Nov

Get Your Plumbing Ready For Company

Is Your Plumbing Ready For Guests? You probably don't give your plumbing much thought when preparing to host company. You may clean and organize your house top to bottom, but you likely simply assume your plumbing is going to come through for you when you need it.  Except when it doesn't. Unfortunately, sometimes your plumbing breaks down at the worst possible times. For instance, when you have twenty people coming over to ...

01 Nov

Spooky Plumbing Leak Facts – Stop the Phantom flush!

   Running toilets, sometimes referred to as a toilet with a  "phantom flush", are often simple to repair. As shown above, there is a flapper that sits on the flush valve. This flapper, when activated or flushed, allows the water in the tank to displace the water in the bowl, thus "flushing the toilet".    Eventually these flappers will wear out, ...