10 Apr

6 Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is coming! Is your plumbing ready? Here are 6 tips for keeping your plumbing in tip top shape this summer: Playing outside means more dirt, and more dirty clothes. Make sure you check your washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks, and cracks. Also be sure to clean out your dryer lint regularly.

01 Nov

Spooky Plumbing Leak Facts – Stop the Phantom flush!

   Running toilets, sometimes referred to as a toilet with a  "phantom flush", are often simple to repair. As shown above, there is a flapper that sits on the flush valve. This flapper, when activated or flushed, allows the water in the tank to displace the water in the bowl, thus "flushing the toilet".    Eventually these flappers will wear out, ...

15 Jun

Solve These 5 Summer Plumbing Problems Before It’s Too Late

As the summer heat slowly begins to arrive, make sure you’re fully prepared for possible problems heat can cause to your plumbing. It’s never too early to get a routine check to make sure you’re all set for the next big heat wave. We came across this post created on http://nuhome.com and wanted to share it with you. Beat the heat now before it’s too late, check out the five major problems ...

15 Apr

How To Protect Your Drains During The Easter Holiday

Because Easter is yet another holiday that focuses on eating and visiting friends and family, there are steps you can take to minimize the chance of a clogged drain adding an additional problem and the need to call a plumber.. to an already busy day. Some steps you should perform before guests arrive and the holiday commences, while other actions must be performed with vigilance while the celebration is taking place. Preparing your ...

13 Jan

What Is Fracking? What Does It Have To Do With My Water?

Fracking is a term we've been hearing about in the news lately. Some cities and states are beginning to ban the practice. What is fracking, and why should you know about it? What Is Fracking? Hydraulic Fracturing, or fracking, is the process of drilling under several layers of geological structures, fracturing the rock formations, and injecting a combination of chemicals, sand, and water at very high pressure to create a reaction within the rock to release it's ...

31 Oct

Landscaping With Native Plants Saves Water!

  • Karen Mares
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Fall is a good time to think about planting for your spring and summer landscaping. Ever thought about native plants? It is fall planting season! It may be pouring down rain outside right now, so it's hard to imagine a time when saving water is on your mind, but in the heat and dry of summer, wouldn't it be nice to have to water your landscaping less? What Are Native Plants? By definition, native plants are ...

27 Aug

Green Cleaning Products To Buy Or Make Yourself

What is "Green Cleaning" anyway? You've probably heard about "green" products, so here's a quick overview: Green cleaning products are those that are comprised of ingredients that create less of an impact on the environment and human health than competing products intended for the same purpose. (ISSA.com)   Toxic? What?  For example, many drain cleaning products have an ingredient called sulfuric acid. This ingredient is a corrosive agent, and can cause severe chemical burns. ...

11 Aug

Saving Water During Drought Conditions

  • Karen Mares
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Drought conditions have been plaguing our California neighbors for the last two years. The governor has asked people to reduce their water consumption by 20%. With how much rain we get in this region, the California drought may feel far away, but did you know that Oregon is experiencing drought conditions in more than half the state? The Willamette Valley is currently listed as "Abnormally Dry" according to the ...

21 Jul

Composting 101: The Basics

Composting is an increasingly popular way of making food and yard waste work for you, your gardens, and the earth. We like it because we truly believe in conservation, PLUS it saves our customer's garbage disposals. But....where do you put all that stuff anyway? First, I think it's worth taking a moment to review what you CAN compost versus what you CAN'T. This alone can save you mass amounts of headache ...