17 Dec

Is your bathroom ready for company?

  • Brenda Casey
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When you have more than one bathroom, and one is usually occupied by the children or teens, you have some special prep for guests. Great opportunity to put them in charge of cleaning out their own YUCK in there.

With visitors, make it easy for them to solve a problem that may occur. Extra toiletpaper under the sink or within reach while sitting on the porcelain throne, candles or air freshener. Do you have an exhaust fan? If not, there’s still time to call our other company, Metro’s Best Electric to get one installed quickly! The extra white noise is very nice for guests who don’t want to be heard.

Also, nice soaps that aren’t too fragrant or are unscented, Band-Aids in an obvious place for minor mishaps and feminine hygiene products in an obvious, tucked away place. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have a plunger handy, too.

What about twinkle lights, holiday hand towels and a small bowl of mulling spices to keep it fresh in there? So many inexpensive ideas to gift your restroom or powder room a lift for the holidays.


(photo: http://gotmyreservations.com/tag/decorating-bathroom-for-christmas/ – Mary Oliver )